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From Visitors To ClientsPlease note: This is NOT just another special report that I’m offering. It is YOUR special report, one that I will custom create for YOU, specifically designed to turn YOUR website visitors into real leads and clients.

As you may have seen, getting website visitors may be plenty challenging, but it’s only the first step. No matter how many visitors you get, if you can’t get them to raise their hand and give you their contact information, they’re literally worthless to you.

For all I know, you may be paying a huge amount of money to Google to send you visitors – yet if you can’t contact them, you’re wasting your advertising money. What if they buy from you? Chances are that only a tiny percentage (if any) will be buying from you upon seeing your website for the first time.

How Can You Turn Your Website Visitors Into REAL Leads?

Instead, you need to be able to follow up with them. You know that from networking, don’t you? Just getting people’s business cards hardly ever leads to sales. You have to follow up. And follow up. And follow up again. Maybe meet with them. Send in proposals, and so on.

It’s much the same with website visitors, only more so. But how can you follow up with them?

Easy! You need to get them onto your mailing list – legitimately. They need to give you permission to follow up with them. And unfortunately, this is getting harder all the time.

The reason for that is that people are just as overwhelmed by email as you probably are. Hundreds of emails flood their inbox. There’s no more excitement when the computer chimes, “You’ve got mail!” There’s just a sense of dread.

So how can you get around that? By offering them something they want! And anyone who has somehow found your website probably wants something you have to offer. Eventually, they may buy it from you. But in the meantime…

Special Report Magic: How Does It Work?

That’s where your special report comes in. You need to give them what they want, and your special report can help you do that. A skillfully written special report that answers a burning question your visitors have can easily convince them to give you their contact information in exchange for the report.

And as a result – your visitors are turning into real prospects. You can follow up with them, and provide more value, and build a relationship based on the “know, like, and trust” factor.

Hopefully, the report will impress your visitor, and make them excited about having found you. Your follow-up emails build on that feeling and further enhance their growing confidence that you might be the person to help them.

A Special Report Makes YOU The Expert

Not only does a well-crafted special report make your visitors turn over their contact information, it also makes YOU look like the expert that you are, as well as the expert your visitors are really looking for.

So having that special report will enhance your credibility. Especially if it has your smiling mug and your name on the front cover. Here is an example of the type of cover we will create for you:

How Can You Get Such A Special Report?

So how can you get such a special report? You may or may not have the confidence to write it yourself. But even if you do, it may not be the best use of your time, for two reasons:

a) You have more important things to do with your time.

b) You’re not a trained copywriter, and so your report may not do its job as well as it could.

The same is true for the follow-up email sequences. The solution? Hire a marketing expert and copywriter.

Here at Richmond Web Marketing, we offer you exactly that.

What Will You Get As Part Of Your Special Report Offer?

In general, our special reports include three components:

1) The special report

The special report will be custom created with YOUR business and your ideal customers in mind. It will answer a burning question and make you the logical choice for meeting your prospects’ needs.

2) The lead capture page

The lead capture page, also known as landing page or squeeze page, is designed to capture your visitor’s attention, “sell” them on your special report and get them to fill in the form and hit the “submit” button. And bingo! You have a new lead.

3) The follow-up email sequence

Finally, you will need a highly effective email sequence that will help your new lead learn to know, like, and trust you, and turn you into the logical person to go to when they need your goods or services.

What’s The Value Of A New Client?

Are you concerned about how much of an investment might be required? Think about the value…

How much does a typical client or customer bring you in revenue in a year? What’s their lifetime value? Depending on your type of business, their lifetime value could be substantial!

Now consider how many additional customers you’ll be able to get if you have a proper lead capture and follow-up system in place. Even if it’s just one additional client per month, their value can add up quickly. However, chances are, you’ll get more.

And as far as the additional revenue goes, we’re talking thousands and even tens of thousands or more in additional income that could result from having an effective lead capture system. And that’s true whether you’re a chiropractor, a financial advisor, an insurance broker, a coach, a roofer, or an attorney.

Here’s My Invitation For You:

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