Double Your Business in 2014

How would you like to double your business this year?

Does that sound a little too much like hype? Trust me, it’s very doable!

And by the way, I mean not just double your business, but double your profits or double your revenues! After all, it’s not about making more work for yourself, but about making your business work for YOU and make you more money — while providing excellent products and services for your clients and customers.

Can you really double your profits?

Sure you can, but of course, there are differences in how to go about it, depending on just where you are already.

Still, the principles of what I’m going to suggest will work for almost any business, and they will work especially well for small businesses and micro business, solo professionals and solo-preneurs, and those are the ones I especially enjoy working with.

I’m not going to cover EVERYTHING here, but here’s the biggest factor:

Double Your Business Tip #1:

Get More Leads!

And there are a number of ways in which you can get those leads.

Considering that all other factors stay the same, if you increase the number of leads that come your way, you’re going to increase your business, just as long as you convert those leads at the same rate as you have converted your previous ones.

Here are the first few steps you need to take:

1) Find out how many leads you get currently

This is really a matter of getting a baseline so you can measure any improvement. And it’s the thing to do whether you’re dealing with number of leads or profits.

2) Don’t waste your time on getting the wrong kind of leads!

Don’t just go for the numbers. You want leads that are actual prospects. This means people who are interested in what you have to offer. You wouldn’t market high-end real estate properties to a crowd that is searching for bankruptcy lawyers, or to college students looking for bargain pizza. They’re simply not your market.

Instead, focus on attracting people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer, and you’ll get many more sales.

Case in point. If you were hiring someone to find you leads and that person would find you thousands of leads really fast, but 99.9% of those leads are duds, iimagine what would happen!

You’d be spending a HUGE amount of time and effort sifting through all those leads, with minimal results.

On the other hand, if you get a few dozen really targeted leads, with the majority being serious candidates for what you have to offer, you win big time! Almost no wasted effoirt in following up with those leads, because almost all of them will be happy to hear from you, and you’re likely to turn most of them into customers.

Make sense?

Then again, you probably knew that, right? Now the question is how to find them!

3) Discover what’s working for you NOW

Why throw out the kid with the bath water. Find out what IS working for you right now. Then start by doing more of that.

Also take a look at your customers. You managed to attract them after all. So how did they end up becoming your customers. Do more of that.

4) Get more leads online

Whether your business is strictly local or not, you can get many more customers if you go online. That’s because these days people let their fingers do the walking on their keyboards.

Read some of the other posts to find out more about how to get in front of people online.

5. How to get those leads to come to you

You may also want to check out some cool tools I’m using myself to get the information out and website traffic coming in. Really targeted website traffic that is.

One of the tools that just became available is Marlon Sanders’ Traffic Dashboard. You can check it out here:


But traffic is only part of the story…

If you’re truly ready to grow your business…

CLICK HERE to request my FREE report with not just one but FIVE ways you can double your business.

I look forward to helping you double your business!


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