How To Get More Clients and Sales

How to get more clients and sales? You may be wondering about this right about now. And chances are you’re advertising too…

For example, are you advertising with Valpak or do you get new clients through Groupons? How’s that working for you?

Maybe you’re using billboards, or those trusty old Yellow Pages?

Either way, you’re paying THOUSANDS – and your results are…

well, how are your results?

Probably not as good as you’d like.

Now I’m not saying you should NOT advertise in those places, but I am saying that you can get a whole lot of mileage out of those advertising venues when you get certain things right! Read on to find out how to make that happen.

How to get more clients – through Valpak

If you’re using Valpak, you’re paying a lot of money – about $300 per zip code I’ve been told, and you have to purchase a minimum of 3 zip codes. That’s almost a thousand bucks.

And who are you getting with those? Bargain hunters, penny pinchers, people who want to save a buck. Nothing wrong with that, but what happens after they’ve gotten their bargain? Will they be back?

Maybe, if you manage to let them know about another special. But most people won’t be able to because they miss the opportunity to get the permission of their new clients to follow up on a regular basis. Ask me about what that means, and how you can create your own coupons.

Others are really using their Valpak pricing as a loss leader, hoping to sell more at their regular price. Good luck with that.

Well, I don’t want to sound quite so flippant. You can benefit from those new clients and from your Valpak ads if you do a few things right…

What about Groupon?

Ahhh, Groupons. Let’s do some math. You’re selling your services for half price, and Groupon gets about half of your net take. So you’re basically selling your goods or services for 25% of their normal price. Or 75% off. Whichever way you prefer looking at it.

Are you making money? Really?

Or are you hoping your new customers will be back for more. A few of them might be, but most of them…. uhm. Probably not.

That’s because they too are bargain hunters and penny pinchers. They’re not all that interested in paying full price. They’re waiting for the next Groupon, advertising your competitors’ deals.

How to Get More Clients With Billboards? Or Not

Let me tell you about the four billboards I drove past the other day. Actually, it might have been five. All of them advertising the same basic thing, jewelry, from four (or five) different companies.

What do you think will happen next? If anyone happens to be on the market for some such services or goods, they’ll go home and barely remember whose billboard was the most appealing. so they check out – no, not the Yellow Pages.

They go online and type into Google something like “Richmond Jewelry” or “Richmond Jewelers” or whatever aspect of jewelry they’re the most interested in.

Anyway, so they type that into Google, and up pop – several of those businesses plus their competitors. Lots of different names. What makes them stand out?



And none of the businesses on the billboards had ANY of that. In fact, they didn’t even have a decent local online presence.

There’s a big section of local businesses ABOVE the regular listings, all of them selling jewelry, and NONE of the four billboard advertisers were among them.

So chances are that they just wasted a few thousand bucks. Because not terribly many people are going to go and type in XYZ company when they go looking. They type in the type of product or service!

And if they want these people’s business, they need to look good. What does it take?

How to Get More Clients – For REAL?

It’s actually not that hard, nor is it as expensive as full-page ads in the yellow pages or big billboards along the interstate.

Find out how to optimize your local listings by giving me a call. I’ll tell you what you need to do next, and I’ll be happy to help you do it too.

Do what? Get really visible, and look really good to your prospects.

Request my special report by filling in the form at the top right of the page. And find out what you need to do to look good online.

Or… click here and send me an email!

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