How to Get New Clients & Customers

How do you get new clients and customers?

First, you need leads. Targeted leads. And how do you get those?

There are several ways:

1) You can “buy” them

There are many ways to pay for getting those leads, from all sorts of advertising, from billboards to ads in the paper to pay per click campaigns.

They all have in common that they cost a pretty penny, and you never quite know how much you get. And the worst thing… when you stop paying for those advertisements, the flow of leads and customers stops too.

2) Referrals

Another way to get leads and new clients and customers is through referrals. Referrals are pretty cool. They basically arrive on your doorstep pre-sold, so you want to get as many referrals as possible.

The problem? How do you get them?

Basically, you need to learn how to get referral partners, also known as strategic partners. Strategic partners are people who send you referrals on a regular basis — and usually vice versa, though not necessarily.

Building referral relationships is really an art form, and it takes quite a bit of time as well. But once you have them they will pay dividends for years to come, provided you treat them well.

To find out more about how to get referrals, you may want to check out this free teleseminar by referral partner expert Sue Clement. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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How to get more targeted leads

3. Get published online

The third way to get leads and clients is to get published. This doesn’t sound as daunting as you may think, though it does take some skill and/or work.

However, you can also have it done for you. The way it works is that either you or a writer will write articles and get them published online. And not just anywhere online, but in strategic places where people will find your writing — and, convinced of your expertise, will go seek you out.

Those are some of the best targeted leads, much like referrals. They too come essentially presold.

There are some other perks as well. Sign up for the Free consultation and ask me about it…

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