How to Promote Your Website — A 5-Step Approach

Would you like to get more visitors to your website? How about luring them to your site from Twitter.

You will need a Twitter account to do that — but you should have that anyway. If you don’t, why not get started today!

So here is my 5 step approach:

1) Post great content on your site/blog

In order to lure visitors to your website, you need to provide them with great information. What qualifies as great information? There are a few options:

a) Some commentary on a topical issue

For example, you could find an article on something that’s going on at the moment and post a link to it along with your commentary.

b) Some information people are looking for

You could post a detailed how-to tutorial on something that a lot of people are trying to find. One of my own most successful blog posts provided step-by-step information on how to post a Twitter badge on one’s website! So figure out what some people might like to know and post it.

c) Some kind of list

Of course, make it a list that matters. It could be a list of trivia, including songs about a certain topic, or it could be the best websites for posting rss feeds or press releases or whatever other piece of information you’d like to provide.

2) Extract valuable bits of information

Extract bite sized pieces of information from your post. For example, you could pick out a few songs or websites, or questions that are answered in your article.

3) Craft tweets around them and send them to your followers

Craft Tweets around them and send them to your followers. A good format of such tweets presents the info first and then the link with a note that there are more where this one came from.

Then you should also use some variety — i.e., tweet the link out more than once, but each time give a different piece of information, or at least change it around, so you won’t be seen as spamming your followers. Keep your tweets valuable.

4) Send several times a day — but vary them

Keep sending your tweets, but mix them up with other tweets, some that provide good info to other sites, and maybe a great quote or a joke. Also interact with some of your followers and also retweet a few things.

5) Set up a capture mechanism

On your target website, set up a way for people to sign up for something of value. Give away an ebook or a teleseminar on the subject, and make sure the information is good. If you do those things, chances are good that people will not only show up, but they’ll spread the word. And in the meantime, you’ll get your visitors’ information and can follow up with them and provide them with even more value.

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