I Have a Question for You:

Richmond Web Marketing

How would you like to get to the top of Google and other search engines?

Only a year ago, some people didn’t even know what the point of that was. Now, almost everyone does. And I bet you do!

After all, you know that people no longer let their fingers do the walking in the phone book but on their keyboards. And when they type in what they’re looking for…

YOU want to be right front and center in the results.

Maybe you’re paying through the nose right now with Pay per Click advertising. And you’re getting pitiful results. People KNOW those are ads. You want your listing where it counts — in the main search results section.

And we can help you make that happen…

P.S.: Want some proof we can do it?

Check out this blog post from WAY back on How Richmond Web Marketing Got to the Top Spot on Google!

And then go to Google and type in “Richmond Web Marketing (with or without the quotation marks) and I should still be there, way at the top of the page somewhere.

And, well, I just checked our Google rankings because I havent’ done that in a while and…

Richmond Web Marketing Top 3 Spots on Google!

OMG! We’ve got the top THREE spots on Google! (of the organic rankings — the three in pink above Richmond Web Marketing are paid advertisements!)

And yes, I can do that for you too (well, maybe not the top 3 spots, but I can get you up there).

Check out this example of our Richmond Car Mechanic site (and no, it’s not very flashy, but it sure ranks well):

Richmond Car Mechanic on Page 1 on Google

It’s the second “organic” listing on page 1, (at the bottom of the screenshot). And there are 227,000 competing pages! Not bad, huh?

Want more? Here one more screen shots for one my other websites:

Check out http://www.myfavoritewebstuff.com, for the keyword Favorite Web Stuff:

Favorite Web Stuff Number 1 on Google

Yup. That’s me on the first spot! Oh, and the second spot too! Out of 9,440,000 competing websites!

In the interest of keeping the loading time of this page reasonable, I’ll stop here. Maybe I’ll set up a separate page with a few more screen shots. This is kind of fun!

Here’s a do-it-yourself search: Google “The Blogging Course” and I’ll be on number 2, or, if you Google it as “Blogging Course” I’m still on spot 5 on the first page.

Also, check out “Self Help Blog” — where you will find http://www.myfavoriteselfhelpstuff.com generally within the top 5 (today it’s the third from the top).

And when you look for it under “Favorite Self Help” — I have the first AND the second spot, plus spot 7.

Enough bragging! I think you get the idea… 😉

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