New Leads and Clients for 2011

How’s 2011 going for you so far? I have a really good feeling for this year. Of course, it does require some action to make it into the best year yet…

And some of those actions have to do with getting new leads and clients. So what are YOU doing to get more leads and clients?

I’m going to share a few strategies that will help make that happen.

1) Make sure your prospects can find you on Google

That’s right. If they can’t find you when they’re looking for your services, your potential clients will go to your competitors. Ouch!

So what can you do? A LOT of things. For starters, make sure you can be found on page 1 for your major keywords.

Not sure what I mean by “keywords”?

Here it is in a nutshell. Consider how people would search for your products and services on Google…

If you’re an Italian restaurant, they’ll probably look for something like “Italian restaurant Richmond”. Okay, now type that into Google and see where you come up.

First page? Congratulations.

Nowhere to be found? You’ve got work to do.

This basic principle applies no matter what you do. If you’re a personal injury attorney, you better try to rank for “personal injury attorney Richmond” or whatever your location may be.

if you’re a plumber, you want to be found when people look for “Richmond plumber” or “plumber in Richmond” — preferably both.

If they can’t find you, they won’t hire you.

Need help? Just get your FREE website evaluation and I’ll give you some pointers and tell you want it takes to rank for those keywords.

2) Get out there

Here’s what happens when you really get yourself out there:

It’s great if people find your website, but you can maximize your results by creating more ways for people to find you. Here are just a few examples:

a) Twitter

That’s right! You need a Twitter account, gather followers, and tweet on a regular basis.

Tweet what? How about tips. Or let people know if you have posted something new on your blog. Or have written a new article. Or you’re offering a special.

And don’t forget to be a good citizen. Twitter is a community, so ask and answer questions, retweet or post good resources, and just be a pal.

b) Facebook

Facebook works a lot like Twitter, except that if you want to post offers and such, you better get a “Like” page. That’s what used to be a “fanpage.”

Watch for a post on how to do that in the very near future. In the meantime, just make sure you have a Facebook account and set up a “Page” for your business.

And start posting… (see note on Twitter). In fact, you can set Twitter up to post directly to your Facebook account. Just be careful. Facebook does not take kindly to overposting.

c) Articles

Aaaargh! Yes, I mean it. Write a few articles (or outsource that task) and post them in article directories (you can outsource that too).

I’m a huge fan of article marketing because I see the power of that strategy every day. If you play your cards right, you can accomplish a number of things by doing that, from increasing your visibility, increasing your perceived authority, thereby becoming the go-to person, and yes, you can even increase the rankings for your own website. Very cool.

So if you want to make 2011 the best year yet by increasing your website visitors, your leads, and your revenue, do some or all of the above.

d) Get help

And don’t forget to request your FREE website evaluation by signing up for one at the top right of this page and then replying to the email you get.

Looking forward to helping you boost your business.


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