New Service: Social Media Marketing & Viral Marketing

Get more likesDo you want more “Likes” on Facebook? Do you want to get found on Social Media?

It’s the age of Social Media, and Richmond Web Marketing has officially added a Social Media Marketing component to its services.

Actually, we’ve been doing this for a select few clients for a while now, and it’s working so well we feel that we can’t keep it from you any longer.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, businesses that want to be found online and build a community of prospects and customers NEED Social Media Marketing. They need to be on Facebook and Twitter, and, depending on their industry, a range of additional platforms, particularly LinkedIn.

So what’s the problem? You probably already know…

Social Media Marketing may sound like fun, if you’re watching and sharing lots of cute kitten videos. But if you’re trying to grow your business, it’s also hard work.

And that means you probably don’t have time to do it properly if at all. And you may not even have the know-how. And yet… it’s getting more important by the day.

Could Social Media Marketing Replace Your Website?

With all the buzz about social media, you may be wondering… Does this mean you Won’t need a website anymore?

Not at all. In fact, your website needs to be the anchor of your online presence. That’s where you’re sending everyone ultimately once you have made contact on social media and established a relationship.

Why? For two reasons:

Your website is where you show off your expertise. Just check out a lot of the posts on Facebook or Twitter: They go to the poster’s website!

But the following reason is even more important:

Social media sites have been known to change their policies. They can also be temperamental. People have had their Facebook accounts shut down and their business destroyed just because they tried to do something that violated Facebook’s rules, rules that they weren’t even aware of.

And if you’re trying to, uhm, grow your Twitter followers in a way Twitter doesn’t approve of, you could lose your Twitter account in an instance, along with all your followers.

YouTube is especially notorious for this sort of thing.

So it’s CRUCIAL to send your friends and followers to your website where you can get them to sign up for your email list. That’s the only way you can be sure to build your community.

Clearly, it’s also crucial not to cut corners. We are very careful when we grow your Facebook likes and your Twitter followers. For starters, we follow the rules. And all the followers and friends are real and targeted. Sure, numbers count, but if you don’t get them the “legal” way, the cost is way too high.

Social Media Marketing Is Labor Intensive

As you can see, social media marketing can be tricky business, as shortcuts can easily jeopardize your business. As a result, it’s quite labor intensive.

And this, in turn, means that we’ll have to limit just how many people we work with. But it’s also highly effective, and now we’ve acquired special tools that will help your message go “viral.” This means we can help you grow your followers and friends more quickly in a “legal” way! The secret is “viral marketing.”

In a hurry and want to grow your business fast? Send us an email with Social Media Marketing in the subject line. Include your phone number and good times to reach you, and let’s talk.

How Viral Marketing Works

So what exactly IS Viral Marketing? Don’t worry. Unlike the flu and other illnesses caused by viruses, Viral Marketing is a very good thing.

Like Seth Godin wrote in his Idea Virus book, the key is that like a virus, your message will spread exponentially. And just like a “real” virus, those who catch it are likely to pass it on to others. It’s a brilliant concept, and it can do amazing things for your “likes.” And so, we’re offering this service to our premium clients.

The Benefits of Viral Marketing

The benefits of viral marketing include that it’s helping you grow your “reach” – and fast.

But how does it work? Ever come across a post that has been shared by tons of people? Imagine this happens with YOUR post.

There’s a science behind it. It takes a compelling post, and the right strategy to get it in front of the right people. And then… it could go viral.

Not every post does, but it doesn’t take very many truly viral posts to grow the number of your followers exponentially.

And the more friends and followers you have, the more people you reach, and the more your message will spread. And isn’t that what you want?

It also helps your website to be found more easily because Google is very fond of “social proof” these days. And if lots of people like your message and visit your website (and even link to it), that’s social proof.

How Can You Benefit From Social Media Marketing And Viral Marketing?

There are essentially three ways to get involved in social media marketing.

1) Do it yourself

As I mentioned, this is a ton of work. You probably would spend your time more wisely running your business… And then there’s the learning curve! Social media sites are constantly changing the rules, and not only do you have to learn how to do things, but you have to keep up with their changes…

2) Hire a “cheap” service

This may sound like an easy path to social media success. But all I have to say about it is: Don’t! Most cheap services use strategies including buying “likes” and “followers” that could destroy your social media presence before it’s even started. Just don’t go there! Or at least be VERY careful.

3) Hire an expert

This option is the only viable alternative to doing it all yourself. And right now, we’re offering our Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing services to a limited number of clients.

Want in on it? Send us an email with Social Media Marketing in the subject line. Include your phone number and good times to reach you, and let’s talk.

We’d love to help you grow your business!

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