Page One of Google: What Does It Take?

How DO you get on page one of Google?

Let’s check out this example: Richmond Web Marketing. If you type it into Google, my website, will pop up right away. Here’s a screen shot I took a few days ago:

Up top is a rotating group of local listings. And then, there’s my website, at the top spot of Google’s page one.

That’s what you want to happen with YOUR website as well. Or at least something close to that.

How can you do that? A number of things have to happen for you to score at the top of Google:

1) Your site has to be optimized for the right keyword

2) Your keywords have to be chosen correctly

3) You need backlinks from “authority” sites

4) You need “fresh” content regularly

Is it rocket science? Not really. But it does take some know-how and some work to get to page one of Google.

Want help? Just type your name and email address into the form at the top right of the page, right underneath my smiling mug shot, and hit return to any email you get. Or call me at 804-285-2535 (and leave a message with good times to call back when you get the machine).

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