Premium Press Releases Increase Visibility & Leads

Premium Press Release Service - Missing LinkPress releases have been changing during the last few years. They used to be just for the press, but with the advent of internet based press release sites, their audience included both businesses and consumers as well. That’s still the case, but there have been additional changes more recently.

The good news is that if you approach them the right way, they can be highly effective. Premium Press Releases increase your visibility & leads! They could very well turn out to be the missing link in your marketing.

But what about regular press releases? Here, the news is not so good…

Before all the Google slaps, you actually could get results even with free press releases, but now, those times are but a distant memory. First of all, most free press release services are no longer free, or they are so bad you’re better off without them. Their links no longer help you get ranked, and some could even hurt you.

What else makes those sites bad? They make it hard to find your press release, and your press release is featured alongside ads of your worst competitors. Ouch!

If you want to get rid of the competition, you have to pay… and pay big. And yet, you may still not get what you are hoping for.

So what kinds of press release sites actually help you?

For starters, you want press release sites that feature you without the competition. You also want your press release to be picked up by high quality news sites.  Like this:

Premium Press Release Service Pickups

How press releases help your website

If used well, press releases can provide excellent support for your site’s SEO and for helping you get found in lots of places. In fact, SEO is an area where press releases are particularly helpful.

Here’s an example:

Just the other day, I worked hard at getting some Google juice to one of my clients’ blog posts. No luck. I couldn’t even get it indexed, at least not in a hurry.

So I launched one of my Premium Deluxe Press Releases (the ones I’m offering you here), and within just a couple of hours after the press release was published, the post was on PAGE ONE of Google! Whoa!

And not just on page 1, but in the third place, right below the images section. Oh, and the image of the blog post was in the second place of those images!

My jaw dropped! I had no idea how well it could work if used correctly.

I do have to make a disclaimer – those kinds of spectacular results aren’t necessarily typical and they aren’t guaranteed!

There’s another plus: These Premium Press Releases also increase your visibility and get you found in all sorts of places – because they get picked up by many news sites.

How to make the most of your Premium Press Releases?

Well, other than actually using a premium service? Easy! Write a good one!

And that can be trickier than you might think.

The challenge is that you have to strike a fine balance between making it news-focused and not “sales-y” yet still persuasive enough to get people to take action, or else it will not get published. And even if it were to be published, it won’t get picked up by other news sites.

So you need a very skilled copywriter to create the kind of press release that is effective yet not so persuasive that it gets shot down.

New: Premium Press Release Service

While we’ve been offering this service to our private clients for a while, we’re now opening it up to new clients as well! So if you need more visibility for your site, you now can get it.

Our Premium Press Release Service includes:

  • A consultation to ensure that we promote what you want to promote
  • A professionally written press release guaranteed to be accepted by our Premium Press Release partner (If there’s a problem, we will rewrite it until it is accepted)
  • Distribution by our Premium Press Release partner
  • Attractive dedicated press release page, suitable for forwarding to your prospects and business partners, and to local press
  • No competing ads on your press release page
  • SEO boost to your website
  • Pickup by hundreds of news sites

What do you think? Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

What about the price? Some services charge up to $500 for those kinds of services, especially for the distribution and the pickup by news sites.

You’re in luck though – because you can get it for a much more reasonable price…

CLICK HERE For Your Premium Press Release!

And if you act fast, it can be EVEN MORE affordable! For the next few days, we’re running an introductory offer to celebrate this new service! This means you can get an extra 50% discount by using coupon code “AAPRESS” (no quotes)!

Questions? Just email me by clicking HERE!

I look forward to helping you get more visibility, leads, and clients!

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