Press Releases

Do you have a special event and want more people to know about it? Do you have news that might interest your potential customers? A press release might be just the ticket to make it happen!

What Press Releases Can Do For Your Business

Press releases do a number of things…

First of all, they help you get the word out online. Press releases get published in key directories and will show up on Google News. This means that if someone looks for your event on Google, they may well find your press release. In addition, if people visit the press release site where your release is published, they may find it if they look for your keywords.

They also create valuable backlinks that will help your website come up higher in search engine results.

Finally, your press release might get picked up by the local (or national!) press and get into newspapers, giving you lots more exposure.

Press releases have changed in the last few years

If you think you know how press releases work because you’ve used them years ago, think again! Here’s what’s new:

Traditionally, press releases were strictly for journalists, and you’d sit and pray that they would be picked up and someone would come by and do a story on you.

That can still happen if you have a bit of juicy news. But these days, there is a whole other dimension to issuing press releases, thanks to the advent of online press releases!

With online press releases, your audience is no longer limited to journalists. Instead, you’re also able to reach your prospects directly. In fact, that’s almost the norm these days. Many onlne press release services specialize in helping you do just that.

Do You Need BIG News?

Here’s the coolest thing: You no longer have to have MAJOR news to justify a press release. A special deal or a new free offer on your website will work just fine. So what’s YOUR news!

More Benefits of Press Releases

There are actually additional benefits to press releases: They get your name out all over the web, and help you get found in more places.

They also create valuable backlinks to your website from authority places, which makes you look better in the eyes of Google! In turn, your search engine ranking tends to improve.

How Do You Write Press Releases?

So how DO you write press releases so that they’re effective?

There are certain rules to writing press releases and if you want them to be published, you better stick to them:

Press releases have to be written in the third person, like news stories. Your press release cannot sound like a sales letter or be directed directly to your audience. If it does, it will be rejected.

That makes writing press releases a bit challenging. You can’t use sales-y language, yet you need to grab the attention of your audience – and journalists – if you want your press release to be successful.

What can you do? You can try your own hand at it, or you can hire a press release writer to help you out.

Use Press Releases To Get The Word Out Now

Here at Richmond Web Marketing, we are happy to help you get the word out with a press release, either a one-time release, or as a regular services of a release each month or even more often.

We also offer rush orders for an additional charge.

How To Get Started:

Send an email to ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT com if you’d like more information about press releases, or about other ways to promote your business online.

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