Rank Well in Search Engine Results

So you want to rank well in search engines results? You can, especially if you invest in a blog.

Here are a few tips:

Pick a good domain name (preferably based on the kinds of keywords that your customers are looking for.

Optimize your blog and your blog posts for your preferred keywords

Write useful and interesting content that will make people want to come back AND recommend your blog to their friends

Take advantage of social media marketing

Build a support network that connects back to your blog

A support network? Absolutely. There are two reasons at least why you need to do that.

1) Backlinks. Those links that go back to your blog will tell the search engines that your blog matters — because others are linking to it! Make sure those links come from relevant and well-respected sources though, or else it will backfire.

2) More ways for visitors to find you! Since many of those links should come from places like article directories, chances are good that people who find you there will stop by to look at your blog too, especially if you make it worth their while with a good offer.

The best thing? Those visitors are what’s called “targeted visitors” — they’re interested in what you have to offer.

So get your blog, add great (and well-optimized) content, and set up your suppport network. Then get ready for your visitors!

Just email me at elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com
(obviously, replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a period!)

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