Richmond Web Marketing: Make Google Fall in Love with You!

At Richmond Web Marketing, getting our clients some serious Google love is key.  It’s what we do!

How do we do it?  I’m not about to give away all my proprietary secrets, but here’s the key:  All you have to do is think about what Google’s raison d’etre is!  (or the reason for its existence, if you prefer English).

Google is the number one search engine for one reason only: it delivers the goods.  I remember when I first learned about Google when it first appeared. It was the secret tip — a search engine that allowed you to actually find what you were looking for.

Clearly, word got around, and now there’s hardly anything BUT Google.  I mean, if you’re trying to find anything, where are you going to look?

So since the reason for Google’s success is that it delivers what the searchers are looking for, it needs to keep doing just that.  And it does.  How?  By constantly monitoring how good a job it does.

And if you help it do a good job, it rewards you — with high placement for the keywords that people are using to find you.

Sooooo. All you really have to do is deliver the goods.  Provide valuable information on the subject you promised information on.  Make people stick around a few minutes.  Make them click on a couple of links.

And Google will be assured that it did a good job and will bump you even higher next time, if there’s a higher place to go to. If you’re already at the top, it will just keep you there for a while.

Then, all you have to do is keep delivering the goods, and do so more and more effectively, and you’ll be able to keep your spot.

Does that sound too obvious?  Well, sometimes the obvious stuff is the stuff that’s most easily overlooked. The internet is primarily about information (for most of us anyway). So if your information delivers, you’re golden.

And Richmond Web Marketing wants to help YOU be golden.  We can help you make Google fall in love with you too.

How?  Call us to find out: 804-285-2535 or send an email to elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com.

I do have another site where I’ve written a bunch of articles about this subject, and you’re welcome to take a look around.  It’s called Linguistic Leverage Web Marketing and offers up some more information about how to use the internet to promote your business more effectively.

And the linguistic leverage bit? Well, I’m a linguist (with PhD. and years of being a professor), and so I’m big on using language in a very strategic way, especially when it comes to copywriting, whether this is for sales letters, website copy, or email copy. It’s all about making your website work for you though.

And if you want yours to earn its keep at long last, just send an email to elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com or call me at 804-285-2535.

Wishing you MUCH success!

Elisabeth (Dr. K)

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