Teleseminar Marketing Secrets

How would you like to add a really powerful additional marketing strategy to your mix? Teleseminar marketing is one of the powerful ways you can boost your bottom line.

Teleseminars (and webinars) are a way to boost your visibility, get more leads into your “funnel” and help people get to know, like, and trust you.

Now you may feel a bit shy about hosting a teleseminar. Most people do. But it’s not half as bad as you may think. The first few times might be a bit challenging, but soon, you’ll mostly have fun.

Here are two ways in which teleseminars can really boost your income:

1) A teleseminar is an event, and so you can announce it anywhere where you might announce events, from press releases to the business events section in your local newspaper to Facebook and LinkedIn and more.
And that means, new people will find out about you who didn’t know about your business before.

2) You can turn teleseminars and/or webinars into products that you can sell — or give away on your lead capture page, and that way you can make more money with them — or use them to get more leads.

How do you do them? It’s really not that hard. Check out my FREE report here:

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Once you’re on that list, I’ll also send you more info on how to do teleseminars specifically, and also let you know when I have my next teleseminar how-to training.

And of course you’ll need reliable teleseminar service. There’s really only one that I would trust with my teleseminars. One of the cool thing is that they will keep your teleseminars on file as long as you’re a member, and so you can send people to THEIR download page if you like.

It also allows people the choice of listening to a webcast or on the phone, AND there’s a place where you can add links to things you’d like to promote.

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