White Papers Grow Your Business

white papers grow your businessHave you used White Papers To Grow Your Business? If not, why not? Maybe they seem to be intimidating or too much work? But if you take a closer look, you’ll see quickly how White Papers Grow Your Business!

And Richmond Web Marketing is now offering the services of a White Paper Copywriter for current and new clients!

But before we get into the details of that service, I’d like to answer a question that you may have: What is a White Paper?

A White Paper is a very special report that shows off your expertise and answers a burning question (or sometimes several) your potential customers have. But not just any old question! You’ll focus on questions that you can solve for your customers.

For example, if you’re a roofer, you should write (or create) a White Paper on a roofing-related topic, not on plumbing or best dessert recipes! Likewise, if you’re a lawyer, focus on a legal question your prospects might have, and make sure it lies within your specialty.

Sure, you may know a lot about bankruptcy, but if you’re a personal injury lawyer, you want to attract prospects who need help with their personal injury claims, not with bankruptcy. And, of course, vice versa!

How White Papers Grow Your Business

So how does it work? You know how hard it has become to attract the interest of prospective clients. The world has become so noisy, it’s hard to get anyone’s attention anymore. But there are still ways to stand out, and White Papers are an excellent way to do it.

The key is to get your prospects’ attention. Here are some ideas…

You could send a postcard or a letter. Or an email. Try it and see how many respond…

You could cold call them, or even slightly warm call them if you’ve met them at networking meetings. And I know you know how well that works. Plus it’s painful and likely to waste a lot of time. You may end up having coffee with lots of people, everyone of whom wants YOU to buy from THEM. Sigh.

You could also create webinars, and those can indeed be highly effective. But they can also bomb. Plus you have to get people to attend for webinars to work.

OR… You could send them a copy of your White Paper. Printed out, maybe even turned into a booklet, with a friendly cover letter.

Research has shown that White Papers get MUCH better responses than any of the alternatives, except for (possibly) very well-done webinars. Why? Because they get people’s attention – and show off your expertise, plus a way you can help them solve their problems! What’s not to like?

So if they do have the kind of problem(s) you can solve, chances are excellent that they will at least want to know more.

How Do You Get A White Paper

I’m sure you see the problem… How DO you get that high-performing White Paper?

Of course, you could write it yourself! And maybe you’ve tried to do just that! But of course there are a few problems with that approach…

1) It’s hard work! You’re a business owner, and your time is valuable. If you spend it struggling with writing a White Paper, chances are you won’t get a very good ROI.

2) You’re (probably) not a Marketing Expert or an Expert Copywriter. And that means that even if you actually complete your White Paper, it’s not likely to get the results you’re hoping for. So you’d do much better outsourcing it to someone who writes White Papers professionally.

White Paper Copywriter Now Available To NEW Clients Too!

And yes, outsourcing is the solution: Find someone who writes White Papers professionally! That someone should be a marketing expert AND an expert copywriter!

And you’ve come to the right place to find someone just like that. Me!

Why me? I’m a professional copywriter and have been writing highly effective sales pages and White Papers for my private clients for years, getting them literally thousands of leads! Now, I’ve decided to offer my services as a White Paper Copywriter on a limited basis (first-come, first-served) on a standalone basis.

If you decide you’d like to hire someone to write your White Paper, get in touch and we’ll get on the phone to talk about what you need, and what it takes to create YOUR professional and prospect-attracting White Paper!

We’ll discuss who your preferred prospects are and how you best serve them. We’ll also arrange an interview so you can basically “download” your expertise – or that of one of your specialists – to the writer, who then turns it into a compelling White Paper.

It’s a process that’s painless and surprisingly fast, unlike the process of trying to write it yourself.

Let’s Talk About YOUR White Paper

The next step is talking about your White Paper. If you’re serious about using a White Paper to Grow Your Business, then we should talk.

Simply contact me HERE, be sure to include your best phone number, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Looking forward to speaking with you!

Best regards,

Elisabeth Kuhn

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