The Power Of Marketing Writing

The Power of Marketing WritingIs your website getting the results you’re hoping for? How many visitors stick around, and how many of those who do are taking action?

You hope they’d opt in to your list, or, even better, buy something. Instead, many say “Ho-hum” and trundle off, never to be seen again.

What to do?

Upgrade the writing on your website. Or set up special sales pages with powerful marketing writing – also known as copywriting.

How I discovered the power of marketing writing

About 10 years ago, I was a linguistics professor in an English Department and the resident grammar guru. And then… I discovered internet marketing.

More specifically, I discovered that when I read certain sales letters, I couldn’t get my credit card out of my wallet fast enough to buy whatever they were selling.

What the…? I thought. What just happened?

Since my area of expertise was using language for persuasion, I was intrigued. These writers were masters of persuasion, way beyond what I had ever imagined was possible.

And just around that same time, I was getting letters in the mail from AWAI – about the 6 Figure Copywriting Course. And yes, the letters were very persuasive as well. So much so that I was soon the proud owner of said course and started working my way through it.

I figured since I was skilled at crafting language, this would be something I’d be good at too. And as it turned out, I was right.

I got my first paying customers, a legal marketing firm, soon after I finished my course. Eventually, I left academia to go into marketing full-time.

What Is Copywriting, AKA Marketing Writing?

Copywriting comes in several categories, and they all work together. Here are four of the main ones:

a) Sales Letters

b) Website Marketing Writing

c) Opt-in Pages

d) Pre-sell Reports

e) Email Marketing Writing

Here’s how it works:

Sales letters or sales pages are standalone web pages with highly focused persuasive writing that endeavors to sell the product or service that’s on offer.

The key is to keep the visitor reading until they just have to have what’s offered.

Website marketing writing is a bit less “sales-y” and more personal, and it’s designed to draw in the visitor and make them keep reading… preferably until they decide to take some kind of action.

Opt-in pages offer their readers one type of action to take that’s relatively low-risk. In exchange for a compelling “free gift,” they provide their email address so you can follow up with them – and build a relationship with them.

Some of these free gifts are pre-sell reports – special reports that provide information and also make the reader realize that they need and want to take “the next step” – conveniently suggested in the report, generally with a link to a sales page.

And that’s where emails come in. Once your visitors have signed up for more information, you can send them a series of carefully crafted emails that will help them get to know, like, and trust you, and eventually persuade them to become your customers and buy what you’re offering.

Will everyone buy? Not quite, but a much larger percentage of the visitors will buy than would have without the follow-up emails.

More Marketing Writing

Meanwhile, there are more ways to tap into the power of copywriting.

Have you ever watched a video that seemed absolutely endless and you really wanted to do something else, but you just couldn’t stop watching? And when it was over, you might have even bought what was offered?

Guess what! That too is copywriting. Somebody crafted the text that was narrated in the video!

The same is true for social media messages.

So how would YOU like to benefit from the power of persuasive marketing writing?

How YOU can benefit from the Power of Marketing Writing

If you’re less than happy with the results you’re getting from your website, it’s time to let a marketing writer help you out. And I’d like to be the one to do it!

I’d be happy to take a look at your website and give you some tips on how you can improve your results…

Just CLICK HERE to email me, put the words “Marketing Writing” into the subject line, and we’ll schedule a time!

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Establish Yourself As An Expert By Publishing A Book or White Paper

publishing a bookYikes, establish yourself as an expert by publishing a book?

Before you stop reading, let me modify the last part… The book doesn’t have to be a HUGE book, and it doesn’t have to be a bound hardcover published by one of the major publishing houses.

It can be a bookLET, and it can be distributed as a PDF, though you’ll find it helpful to have some hard copies available as well. Your local printer will be able to help you with that.

So why is publishing a book(let) so helpful when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert?

Just think about what impresses YOU when you meet someone. How about if someone you’re thinking of doing business with hands you a booklet in lieu of a business card, or in addition to a business card?

You know what happens to business cards. They go into a big stack somewhere in your office, often never to be looked at again.

A book, though, goes on a shelf, or you’ll keep it in a place where you can read it. And you’ll probably keep it for a long time, possibly years.

And when you need the services of someone in that industry, chances are good that you’ll go to the person who wrote the book. I mean, if they were able to write a book, they must know their stuff, right?

Now imagine what it would do for YOU if you had your own book, or maybe a White Paper?

Publishing a Book – Where to start?

Publishing a book doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. But let’s start at the beginning… Here are some of your options:

a) Write it yourself

Well, that would certainly be a great option, and there are easier ways to do it than you may think. I just created an online course that could help you through the process. While the title says “How to create your own ebook” you can also use the same process to publish an actual book you can carry around and hand to people.

b) Get a ghostwriter

You could also hire someone else to write the book for you, probably after interviewing you about what you’d like to have included.

c) Hire a marketing & writing expert

Considering that your book is supposed to help you look like an expert and help you with your marketing, you’ll want a writer who understands both your business and marketing. So not any old writer will get you the result you’re hoping for.

I have written quite a few white papers and booklets for my clients, and would be honored to help you as well.

Why not get in touch to schedule a consultation where I can help you find out what would work best for you…

Just click here and send me an email!

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Summer Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

summer marketing for small businessesAre you in the summer doldrums? Yes, summer can be slow when it comes to getting new clients, but don’t despair! Check out these summer marketing tips for small businesses and put them to use. You may be surprised by how well they work.

Use My Summer Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

It’s true. When vacation season starts, fewer prospects might be out and about – at least in the usual places. Some networking meetings may even take a break, and those that meet are less well attended.

And that can be very good news for you. When you do go to those meetings, you’ll find it easier to connect with the people that are normally surrounded by a throng of people trying to talk with them. But in the summer, you may be able to walk right up to them and strike up a conversation.

Connect with Centers of Influence

This is also true for contacting those super popular “centers of influence.” During the year, they’re so busy that it’s hard to get their attention. But during the summer… that’s a different story.

So why not make a list of people you’d like to connect with and go for it. You won’t be able to reach everybody, although if you keep at it, you just might. Even if someone goes away for vacation, they’ll come back eventually.

Summer Marketing Tips for Better Networking

You may also find yourself at events you don’t usually attend, whether they’re business or social events. Why not stay open to the possibilities… strike up conversations with people around you. You never know who you might stand next to. It might be just the kind of person who could become your next favorite client.

Just don’t be too goal oriented as you go about connecting with them. Focus more on getting to know them by asking them questions and finding out how you can help them. That’s how you build a relationship that can lead to business for you.

Network At Summer Events

summer event networkingWhether you enjoy the beach or summer festivals, you’ll find potential business contacts in all those places.  If there are local community events or charity events, you can also look into sponsoring them. That’s a more traditional strategy, and it can pay off especially well during the summer season.

Get Caught Up At The Office

The “slow” season is a great opportunity to get caught up with those things that usually remain undone. Do some filing, clear out the clutter in your office and your email inbox, and get caught with making those phone calls.

Treat Your Staff To Summer Fun

If you have staff members, have them do the same. And don’t forget to take them out for lunch or a fun summer event. It’s a great way to build goodwill and improve morale in the office.

Update Your Website

When did you last update your website? Does it get you the leads or clients you need? If it doesn’t, why not invest in a website audit and make some long overdue updates.

After all, you want to make sure people find your website. But you also want them to DO something, such as signing up for your newsletter, contacting you, or buying something, depending on the nature of your website. If your website doesn’t convert visitors into real leads and prospects, it’s not doing its job, and summer is the perfect time to do something about it.

If you don’t have a blog yet, it’s time to add one. And if you have a blog but you haven’t updated it in a while, it’s time to start posting, at the very least once a week. Provide value to your visitors, and they’ll tell others…No time? Copywriting for websites and blog posts is our specialty! Click here to send an email and request your free consultation.

Power Up Your Social Media Presence

Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter? What does your profile look like, especially on LinkedIn? Do you have enough followers, friends, and “likers” to be taken seriously? If not, now is a great time to work on improving things. Add posts daily that would attract your ideal prospects – and have the potential to go viral.

But in order to get them in front of enough people, you’ll need lots of likes. How to get them? Try running a “like” campaign on Facebook (or have us run one FOR you). Having a few thousand “Likes” will do wonders for your credibility. Once your profile has the necessary quality and social proof, you’ll be able to attract your ideal clients much more effectively when they come back from vacation.

Let Us Help You Get More Clients

Want more clients? More REAL leads that you can follow up and build a relationship with? We’d love to help.

Click HERE to request a free 30 minute consultation!

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Premium Domain Names For Sale

premium domain names for saleHave you ever thought about getting a premium domain name for your business? If you haven’t, you may want to consider it. That’s because premium domain names can be an effective way to get the attention of new potential business prospects. And at Richmond Web Marketing, we are now offering a limited list of premium domains for sale.

In fact, we don’t just offer these domain names for sale, but we’re also willing to rent or lease them. Some businesses may not have the deep pockets to invest into a domain name outright, but most of them can easily afford to rent one (or two) on a month-to-month basis.

Why Choose A Premium Domain Name For Sale

So why should you want another domain name if you already have a website?

While some business owners have websites with keyword optimized domain names, many more of them do not. Those will be especially likely to benefit from acquiring additional domain names that are optimized for their desired keywords.

Many business owners are looking to attract a broader range of prospects to their websites, and owning additional domain names can help with that task. With SEO being as competitive as it is these days, any one domain name can only rank for so many keywords. However, with additional domain names, the range of keywords can be greatly expanded.

In addition, people type actual keywords into the browser window in their search for help. When someone has a toothache in Richmond and is looking for a dentist in Richmond, they might type in “dentist in Richmond.” And if DentistinRichmond DOT com is a functioning website, it will come up at the top of the search results.

Having additional domains will give business owners extra options. They can set up “feeder” websites on those domains. OR… they can simply redirect those “other” domains to their main website. Either way, they win.

At Richmond Web Marketing, we are starting our Premium Domain Name service with several select domain names. However, we may offer additional names as time goes on.

We have also set up a separate website for our premium domain names for sale and for leasing. You can find those domain names on our sister site

Just click on the link above and you’ll be taken over to that site so you can check out our additional domain names. Yes, we have lots more to choose from on that site. In the meantime, you can see a few choice ones below, especially those that are suitable for local businesses and for lawyers.

How do you get your Premium Domain Names for Sale?

Here’s how it works. I recommend that you choose your domain names one at a time. Once the links are all set up within the next few days, you can click on the links and make an offer directly.

In the meantime, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you the appropriate link directly.

Of course you’re also welcome to send me an email if you have questions.

Go ahead and take a look…

Domain Names for Sale

Below, you will find the domain names we have currently for sale, both for lawyers and other businesses in the Richmond area (and beyond).

These domain names can be either bought outright, or you can lease them if you prefer, with a downpayment and a monthly charge for however long you’d like to use the domain name.

What can you do with a domain name?

You can set up a website and attract prospects to your business with different keywords or a different slant. You can also simply use the new domain name to redirect prospects to your regular website.

Domain Names for Lawyers


Local Domain Names

Thank you for your interest. Please remember to send me an email if you have any questions, and I’ll send you a reply – or the appropriate link – directly.

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