Establish Yourself As An Expert By Publishing A Book or White Paper

publishing a bookYikes, establish yourself as an expert by publishing a book?

Before you stop reading, let me modify the last part… The book doesn’t have to be a HUGE book, and it doesn’t have to be a bound hardcover published by one of the major publishing houses.

It can be a bookLET, and it can be distributed as a PDF, though you’ll find it helpful to have some hard copies available as well. Your local printer will be able to help you with that.

So why is publishing a book(let) so helpful when it comes to establishing yourself as an expert?

Just think about what impresses YOU when you meet someone. How about if someone you’re thinking of doing business with hands you a booklet in lieu of a business card, or in addition to a business card?

You know what happens to business cards. They go into a big stack somewhere in your office, often never to be looked at again.

A book, though, goes on a shelf, or you’ll keep it in a place where you can read it. And you’ll probably keep it for a long time, possibly years.

And when you need the services of someone in that industry, chances are good that you’ll go to the person who wrote the book. I mean, if they were able to write a book, they must know their stuff, right?

Now imagine what it would do for YOU if you had your own book, or maybe a White Paper?

Publishing a Book – Where to start?

Publishing a book doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. But let’s start at the beginning… Here are some of your options:

a) Write it yourself

Well, that would certainly be a great option, and there are easier ways to do it than you may think. I just created an online course that could help you through the process. While the title says “How to create your own ebook” you can also use the same process to publish an actual book you can carry around and hand to people.

b) Get a ghostwriter

You could also hire someone else to write the book for you, probably after interviewing you about what you’d like to have included.

c) Hire a marketing & writing expert

Considering that your book is supposed to help you look like an expert and help you with your marketing, you’ll want a writer who understands both your business and marketing. So not any old writer will get you the result you’re hoping for.

I have written quite a few white papers and booklets for my clients, and would be honored to help you as well.

Why not get in touch to schedule a consultation where I can help you find out what would work best for you…

Just click here and send me an email!

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