NEW Small Business Marketing Services!

It’s the new year and I have streamlined my offerings! This will enable me to provide better services for you.

I’m now offering a comprehensive solution that will provide you with an optimized client attraction system and the supportive network that will help it score well on Google for several of your preferred keywords, so your clients will be able to find you.

There’ll be a basic version and a turbo version. I’m also offering a Turbo Deluxe version on a VERY limited basis.

Instant Expert & Social Media Component Included!

All plans include the “instant expert” and the “social media” component. Turbo includes twice the services plus press releases, while the Deluxe version includes… you’ll have to call me to find out.

Why the instant expert module? It helps people to know, like, and trust you, and that’s a very important part of making them willing to buy from you. Also, as an instant expert, you’ll be found in many more places.

Why now? People are starting to buy again, and you want to position yourself before someone else stakes out the turf.

Want more information. Call me at 804-285-2535 or click on my Services tab above and to find out more.

Looking forward to helping you make this year the best year yet!

Elisabeth Kuhn (aka Dr. K)

P.S.: If you’re in Richmond, or Chesterfield or Henrico County, or anywhere else in (Central) Virginia or beyond, I’ll be right in your backyard and can meet with you for a personal consultation.

However, I also have national and international clients and will gladly help you by phone, Skype, and/or email as well, no matter where you’re located.

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