Premium Domain Names For Sale

premium domain names for saleHave you ever thought about getting a premium domain name for your business? If you haven’t, you may want to consider it. That’s because premium domain names can be an effective way to get the attention of new potential business prospects. And at Richmond Web Marketing, we are now offering a limited list of premium domains for sale.

In fact, we don’t just offer these domain names for sale, but we’re also willing to rent or lease them. Some businesses may not have the deep pockets to invest into a domain name outright, but most of them can easily afford to rent one (or two) on a month-to-month basis.

Why Choose A Premium Domain Name For Sale

So why should you want another domain name if you already have a website?

While some business owners have websites with keyword optimized domain names, many more of them do not. Those will be especially likely to benefit from acquiring additional domain names that are optimized for their desired keywords.

Many business owners are looking to attract a broader range of prospects to their websites, and owning additional domain names can help with that task. With SEO being as competitive as it is these days, any one domain name can only rank for so many keywords. However, with additional domain names, the range of keywords can be greatly expanded.

In addition, people type actual keywords into the browser window in their search for help. When someone has a toothache in Richmond and is looking for a dentist in Richmond, they might type in “dentist in Richmond.” And if DentistinRichmond DOT com is a functioning website, it will come up at the top of the search results.

Having additional domains will give business owners extra options. They can set up “feeder” websites on those domains. OR… they can simply redirect those “other” domains to their main website. Either way, they win.

At Richmond Web Marketing, we are starting our Premium Domain Name service with several select domain names. However, we may offer additional names as time goes on.

We have also set up a separate website for our premium domain names for sale and for leasing. You can find those domain names on our sister site

Just click on the link above and you’ll be taken over to that site so you can check out our additional domain names. Yes, we have lots more to choose from on that site. In the meantime, you can see a few choice ones below, especially those that are suitable for local businesses and for lawyers.

How do you get your Premium Domain Names for Sale?

Here’s how it works. I recommend that you choose your domain names one at a time. Once the links are all set up within the next few days, you can click on the links and make an offer directly.

In the meantime, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you the appropriate link directly.

Of course you’re also welcome to send me an email if you have questions.

Go ahead and take a look…

Domain Names for Sale

Below, you will find the domain names we have currently for sale, both for lawyers and other businesses in the Richmond area (and beyond).

These domain names can be either bought outright, or you can lease them if you prefer, with a downpayment and a monthly charge for however long you’d like to use the domain name.

What can you do with a domain name?

You can set up a website and attract prospects to your business with different keywords or a different slant. You can also simply use the new domain name to redirect prospects to your regular website.

Domain Names for Lawyers


Local Domain Names

Thank you for your interest. Please remember to send me an email if you have any questions, and I’ll send you a reply – or the appropriate link – directly.

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