Why Blogging? To get Leads and Clients/Customers, for Starters

Why should you blog? Blogging gives you a chance to create a compelling combination of business and personal information.

it gives you a chance to talk about your business, you’re able to build a personal connection as well. And… that combination can bring in new business. Lots of it.

In fact, a blog is probably the key in any current marketing system, especially a relatively reasonably inexpensive system. That’s because it is practically designed to bring in new leads and turning them into clients.

Of course you need a few things in place to make that happen…

1) An optimized blog

What does that mean? It’s optimized for the kind of keywords your customers are looking for. That’s important — after all, you need to be found on Google.

2) A compelling “ethical bribe”

A bribe? Indeed. And no, it’s nothing fishy. It’s simply something, usually some information, that your prospects might want to have — so you can get them to give up their email address in exchange for your gift. This can be a report, an audio, or some other item of value.

3) An opt-in process and a system for follow-up

All that hard work would be lost forever if you didn’t have an opt-in process in place, and a system for folllowing up with your prospects.

Here’s what it takes at a minimum: You need a sign-up box (see top right for an example — and why not sign up to see how it works!) and an autoresponder. If you sign up for my “list”, you’ll see that part as well.

What is an autoresponder? It’s an automated system that allows you to send out pre-programmed email messages — spam-free. It’s spam-free because everyone who gets an email has signed up for that, and they also have the option in EVERY single email to unsubscribe.

Which one should you get? Naturally, I’d recommend the ones I’m using myself. There are actually two that i use — and they serve slightly different purposes.

If you plan to build a big list and also sell products, especially if you hope to have others help you sell them as well eventually (as affiliates), I highly recommend http://www.myfavoriteshoppingcart.info. This one gives you maximum control over your list as well — and it comes with a free 30 day trial if you sign up through that link.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to sell anything and so you won’t need to integrate your sales process, you might like http://www.myfavoriteautoresponder.com which I believe currently also comes with a free trial period.

I recommend both of these because, as I said, I use them both and like them both — for the reasons I indicated. In compliance with the new FTC rules, I am pointing out that I will get a commission if you sign up through my link. However, if you do, I’ll also be happy to help you set up your first autoresponder! Email me if you have questions at elisabethhelp AT gmail DOT com.

4) Visitors

How to get those? There are many ways and you should use a combination of them. They should probably include optimizing your website/blog for the search engines, article marketing, social networking, creating backlinks, and more.

Want to know how to get off to a great start — and maybe even have your hand held a bit as you do? Check out my blogging course! Yes, it has started, but you’ll simply be able to get your blog started faster, AND if you join right now, you’ll also get to join the next group free of charge.

blogging course for newbies

Meanwhile, whether you want to take me up on my offer — or prefer to do it all by yourself:

Happy Blogging!

Elisabeth K

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